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Hair transplantation procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. Thanks to today’s  relatively painless anaesthesia neddleless device, an anaesthetic substance is given under the skin with light air pressure. The pain is almost negligible.

Our professional and experienced physicians consider what looks most natural when determining the hairline for each client. For this reason, the forehead is carefully  examined and a drawing is made so that the transplanted hair takes on a more natural look and feel. Of course, the clients wıshes are also taken into account.

Hair transplantation procedures  require a graft host sıte from the nape of the neck. Provided there is hair in this are that can be grafted and transplanted, you are an eligible candidate for these procedures.

Yes! Because it ıi your own hair being transplanted into the channels created by the clinician, the look and feel of the finished result is completely natural. 

Each client has individual needs that are considered the upmost priority therefore the duration of the procedure may vary between 6-8 hours.

Growing new hair can take time. During this process its easy to have some concerns about your results. The grafts that are initially transplanted are accepted by the underlying circulation within 10 days. They then lose the hair strands to produce new ones. This process takes about 2 months. And it takes 3 months for new hair strands to grow. This is a completely natural process. There is no need to worry.

Since we remove the hair in the nape area along with its follicle, no hair grows back in this area. However, these are usually areas of dense thicker hair and maintain this even natural look after the procedure. The result will be an overall natural look with no bald areas. 

We consider every comfort during your procedure. There is in room entertainment and movies, snacks and meals provided, and breaks to rest and reposition. 

To prevent swelling after the procedure clients are asked to restrict salt intake. There are no other food considerations post procedure.

Any chronic health diagnosis should be disclosed to the physician during the consultation. There are very few reasons transplantation would be risky though there are some medıcations that prevent blood from clotting and this could pose more risk. Please discuss all health concerns with our physicians prior to the procedure. 

It is necessary to protect the transplanted area very well for 12 days after the procedure. It is recommended to lie preferably on your back while sleeping.

The first hair washing can be performed on the 3rd day after the procedure. A special washing method is applied until the 12th day.

Heavy exercise is not recommended for about a month after the procedure. But there is no harm in taking light-paced walks.

Sea and pool are not reccomended during the first month.

Recovery of the donor area on the nape of the neck takes 3-7 days on average. After this period, a machine/razor can be used on the neck. However, no machine or razor should be used on the transplanted area for the first 7 months. The hair here can be shortened using scissors if necessary. But we recommend that you do not touch the transplant area in any way for the first 2 months.

It is not recommended to stay under the sun for long hours during the 1st month. If necessary, a hat and a high-factor sunscreen can be used.

Such places should be avoided during the first 12 days.

If you have an indoor job, you can go back to work on the 3rd day. It is necessary to protect the head well for the first 12 days. As long as you are careful, there is no harm in going back to work. If you do not have an indoor job, it is recommended that you wait to go back to work until after 12 days to protect the graft sıtes. 

It is not recommended to go into the tanning booth and sauna for the first 6 months.

There is no harm in sunbathing by protecting your head (wearing a loose fitting hat) for the first 2 months.

Hair dye and styling products are not recommended for the first 6 months.

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